Resistance2016: EXILE

International Rromani Resistance Day will focus all actions and communications around the theme of exile. As groups historically exposed to civil and institutional political violence, the Rroma have developed a profound sense of being outsiders, creating distance from themselves, from others, from the landscape, specific to their own exile. Exile is a pain, a danger but also a possibility and a promise, a dangerous space but open for the creation of self and of others. In this community of exile, Rromani Resistance wants to bring together the women and men whom our contemporary history of economic wars has uprooted from their familiar places to expose them to the dangers of the high seas and the routes towards Europe: the migrants and the refugees. Thus with International Rromani Resistance Day, the Rroma youth organizations of Europe, exposing their own exile will propose being the guiding lights toward an opening of Europe for the welcoming of victims of economic wars.

Watch the promo video for the International Rromani Resistance Day 2016